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An IT prescription for healthcare and life sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industries are witnessing significant changes. Rapid advances in the biological sciences and technology, coupled with demographic and political changes, have translated into a disruptive change for the industry players. In order to succeed, you must be not only well-informed, but also translate the information into action for your business.

SETLabs, the research arm of Infosys, publishes SETLabs Briefings, a monthly peer-reviewed research journal. Our special healthcare issue focuses on the role of IT in healthcare and life sciences.

Infosys experts discuss how healthcare and life sciences companies can deliver superior customer value by aligning business processes with existing regulations, using IT to enable collaboration between different stakeholders and effecting business transformation through innovation.

The highlights of the healthcare and life sciences issue include thought papers on compliance, collaboration, and transformation:

  • Compliance | Towards a unified people, process and technology compliance framework by Siddharth Shah, Ankasha Tejam, Zaheer Ahmed, and Santosh Tharkude
  • Trend | e-prescription: Big step towards collaboration in healthcare by Sudeep Kumar Mandhania
  • Insight | Composite healthcare appliance: Working together for better health by Senthil Murugan Muthuvelu
  • Third angle | Changing the way medicine is made to deliver better healthcare to society – an interview with GK Raju, founder and CEO of LightPharma Inc.
  • Opinion | IHE and CPOE: The twain shall meet for healthcare by Pankaj Gupta
  • Framework | Leveraging genome data for personalized health insurance by Abinash Sahu and Rajeev Kumar
  • Viewpoint | Pharma gain from information by Kamal Biswas
  • Perspective | Operational transformation in life science companies by Owen Crowley and Dan Morris
  • View from the trenches | Take the IT advantage in healthcare by Yezdi Mehta
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