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Infosys Webinar on Automation and AI in the healthcare industry

Infosys hosted a webinar, which had eminent speakers from Infosys, and client, and advisory firms discuss the role of AI and automation in the healthcare and pharma industry.

The speakers at the webinar were:

Kiran Raja Kottakota, Vice President and Practice Leader, HM Health Solutions
Robert (Bob) Krohn, Partner and Healthcare Practice Lead, ISG
Amit Shukla, AVP, Head of Healthcare, Consulting, Infosys

Robert (Bob) Krohn
Robert (Bob) Krohn initiated the webinar by explaining why there is such great excitement about AI, and what has changed over the past few months that has made AI so important. He stated that the rapid growth of the AI sector is the result of a perfect storm of factors such as inexpensive parallel processing power, vast creation of big data, and the competitive needs of businesses across multiple sectors that recognize the need for AI to augment their productivity.

Kiran Raja Kottakota
Kiran Raja Kottakota put forward his views on how the market is changing today, and what are the transient drivers of analytics and AI within healthcare. He also explained the financial aspects across healthcare that are fully catalyzing the change both in terms of advanced analytics as well as the next steps in the evolution in terms of adopting AI; based on the ability of non-human entities to help us based on data, so that we can effectively deal with the data delusion we are facing.

Amit Shukla
Amit Shukla from Infosys had spoken about the role of system aggregators such as Infosys in supporting the AI / automation journey of enterprises. He discussed how the growing volumes of data for large enterprises is making AI an imperative for organizations.

Click here to listen the complete webinar.

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