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Wearable Technology in Healthcare Industry

The health industry is abuzz with wearable devices like smart watches, smart tattoos, and smart pills. These wearables promise users an opportunity to access personalized healthcare in the near future. In this point-of-view, three industry experts –– Manish Tandon from Infosys, Krishna Kumar from AppOrchid, and Puneet Suppal from SAP –– share their perspective on a radio show, titled ‘In the Future of the Future with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP.’

The point-of-view offers an in-depth view into the evolution of wearables and their current use. Commenting on the subject, Manish Tandon, Executive Vice President and Head, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and High-Tech, Infosys, said, “Wearable technology like hearing aids, has been around for a long time; but what has changed in the last few years is that the cost of technology has reduced significantly. Importantly, wearable devices are now able to communicate with the wearer and the entire ecosystem around; and hence, users can leverage the power of the network for positive health benefits.”

It is interesting to note that the medical community has for long had a heavy electronic presence. What was lacking, was the data exchange that comes from being a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Krishna Kumar, CEO, AppOrchid, observed that, “As IoT makes its presence in the medical arena, the electronic and medical industries can partner to use data to model the laws of evolution. So, not only does one get a message or mail when one’s blood pressure rises beyond a particular level, but one has the data point to unravel the very complex, evolutionary physics that has caused this –– something that has eluded us thus far.”

While wearables are proliferating into every sphere of healthcare, IoT is giving the huge quantity of data being generated, a new value. Sharing his inputs on where wearables and IoT are heading, Puneet Suppal, IoT Smart Connected Business Solution Adoption Executive, SAP, said, “We will see several technology companies focused on such solutions because there is this belief that we can make a difference now. We will, in the time ahead, find them bringing forth solutions that are enterprise scale; that are consumer grade; and in such a manner that we potentially have every individual participate.”

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