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Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) - Discussion

A data-driven approach to clinical decision-making improves the quality of healthcare. Significantly, analytical tools for cost-benefit evaluation of medicines, procedures and services eliminate unwarranted spending.

At Healthdatamanagement.com, Infosys' expert blogs on Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) as a clinical pathway management tool for personalized medicine.

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ObamaCare's Comparative Effectiveness Research

Data on the comparative effectiveness of treatment options avoids ineffective and expensive alternatives.


CER: Much More than a P4P Tool

All stakeholders benefit from an optimized pathway, including payor and provider organizations, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers.


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Rajiv Sabharwal, Chief Solutions Architect, Healthcare practice, Infosys LimitedRajiv Sabharwal, Chief Solutions Architect, Healthcare practice, Infosys Limited

Rajiv provides functional and architectural guidance to the healthcare and life sciences units at Infosys. He has managed more than 80 projects of various sizes, across business areas and technology platforms. Rajiv has extensive experience in application development and solution architecting. He can be reached at

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