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Moving the US healthcare needle – a conversation with Manish Tandon, EVP Infosys

In the interview with Den Howlett of Diginomica, Manish Tandon, Executive Vice President, and the Head of the Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences and High-Tech unit at Infosys notes that the cost of healthcare in the US has been escalating and attributes to around 17 percent of the GDP.

However, personal connected devices like wearables are making consumers increasingly conscious of their lifestyle choices and the need to stay healthy. Thus, technology is playing a positive role to reduce healthcare costs. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies are moving towards personalized medicine. This is expected to have a positive impact on chronic ailments such as cancer.

Manish feels that the healthcare industry as a whole is undergoing a paradigm shift towards prevention and pay for performance. He comprehends healthcare from a ‘care, cure, cover, and technology’ perspective.


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