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Connected care: Can wearable tech improve your health?

At the VoiceAmerica Radio talk show – ‘The future of the future with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP - participants discussed 'Connected care: Can wearable tech improve your health?'

Participants who shared their varied experiences and commented on the topic are:

  • Manish Tandon, Executive Vice President and Head, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and High-Tech, Infosys
  • Krishna Kumar, Founder, and CEO of AppOrchid
  • Puneet Suppal, SAP

Some of the questions discussed on this radio episode were - can wearables deliver on their promises? Do patients want to be observed 24 / 7? Can this technology improve patient-doctor experiences? Is more data always better data?

Speaking on the VoiceAmerica Radio talk show, Manish said, 'Wearables such as hearing aids have been around for a long time, but what has changed in the recent past is that the cost of technology has reduced significantly'. He added – ‘These devices are able to communicate with us and with an entire ecosystem around us, we can bring the power of the network to address our health issues.'

Manish further says 'The key factors necessitating the evolution of connected care is accountable care, which requires healthcare providers to offer the best course of treatment and reduce the number of times a patient has to visit for the same ailment'.

The core of the problem, notes Manish is the escalating costs of healthcare across the world. Private and public healthcare spending across the globe is about seven trillion dollars and these costs are growing at about seven percent annually. Moreover, add to this the growing inflation and you get a peek into the magnitude of the problem. He corroborates ‘in developed economies, most of the spending is on lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. These are caused due to lifestyles choices. It is here that wellness devices such as a smart watch or a fitness band can help. These devices can help individuals to understand, manage, and monitor their health. These devices give more control over health into the hands of wearers and brings down the cost of healthcare’.

Learn more about how wearable tech can improve health - listen to the full talk show

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