We support healthcare organizations through smarter operations and enable them to accelerate their innovation agenda, achieve their strategic goals of increasing market strength, improving the quality of care while making healthcare affordable and accessible.

We assist our clients through four key imperatives. These include:

  • Healthcare reform and mandates: Regulatory mandates such as US Affordable Care Act are a major focus for healthcare organizations. We stay on top of evolving regulations to help clients systematically address competing priorities and meet complex regulations with stringent timelines in a cost-effective manner. Our future-proof solutions look beyond tactical compliance to optimize investments in core business processes and systems to support strategic initiatives.
  • Consumer engagement: Healthcare consumer expectations are now set by their experience with retail and other consumer industries. Our digital transformation solutions are derived from years of experience and practices across industries, and help healthcare organizations take an enterprise-wide view of consumer engagement initiatives and capabilities to deliver a personalized, consistent, and connected experience – across the consumer life cycle and across channels.
  • Insights-driven enterprise: Insights-driven decision-making and predictive analytics are essential for competitive advantage. We help healthcare organizations deploy processes, systems, and governance across the enterprise. This enables them to leverage the deluge of data with speed and agility to improve consumer engagement, operational efficiencies, and drive profitable growth. Our solutions embed sophisticated tools and best practices from across industries to fast-track adoption.
  • Operations and cost optimization: Operational efficiencies and costs impact the bottom-line as well as regulatory compliance. We help healthcare organizations optimize operations and cost structures through a range of solutions and delivery models such as managed services. Our approach drives efficiencies and savings while optimizing investments to improve agility and flexibility to support new business requirements.

Our solutions and services

ImperativesHealthcare Reform and MandatesConsumer EngagementInsights-Driven EnterpriseOperations and Cost Optimization
Solutions Digital Consumer Experience
  • Health Plan Portals
  • BrandEdge Digital Marketing Platform
  • InteractEdge Digital Commerce Platform
  • Mobile & Social Engagement
  • Gamification
  • Infosys Digital health Platform
  • MLR Optimization
  • ICD-10 Neutrality
  • Wellness Management
  • Transparency / Member Liability
  • Member Retention
  • Value-based Benefit Design
  • Provider Network Performance Management
Healthcare Analytics
Services Consulting | Systems Integration | IT Services | Testing Center of Excellence | Engineering Services | Enterprise Mobility | Cloud | Business Process Services | Infosys Facets Practice

Automation and AI

Reimagining Healthcare Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence

Across the world, the healthcare industry is under tremendous pressure to meet the needs of patients who are no longer passive consumers but active participants; of physicians who are struggling to meet the needs of these patients; and of insurance providers that have to streamline payments and healthcare models to align with emerging healthcare delivery and financing models.

Healthcare as an industry continues to have one of the highest potential for adopting newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and extracting maximum benefit to drive down operational efficiencies, enhance quality of care and reduce cost of care. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help the three key players collaborate more seamlessly and effectively to benefit each other. As an industry where adopting the latest technology is the norm, taking the AI route is more a natural progression of it..


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