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Infosys iTransform™ ICD-10 Neutrality Analytics Solution

Achieve Enterprise Neutrality and Reduce Revenue Cycle Risk with Cloud-Based Analytics Product and Services

The increased granularity of ICD-10 codes leaves healthcare organizations vulnerable to financial risk. It is critical to assess the impact of this code transition on enterprise neutrality to preserve business integrity. Enterprise neutrality must not be relegated to mere financial neutrality but also include clinical integrity and operational stability.

Organizations require deeper visibility into ICD-10 changes across the value chain as well as superior analytics to gauge adoption readiness, identify bottlenecks, glean actionable insights, and facilitate decision-making, thereby minimizing enterprise risk and business disruption.

Our solution

Infosys helps healthcare organizations achieve enterprise neutrality by strategically delivering financial neutrality with clinical integrity and operational stability. The Infosys ICD-10 Neutrality Analytics solution blends professional consulting and state-of-the-art analytics tools that accurately assess and predict risk, provide relevant mitigation strategies, and deliver higher visibility across the enterprise.

Infosys Value Proposition

The Infosys ICD-10 Neutrality Analytics Solution combines deep healthcare and ICD-10 domain expertise with state-of-the-art tools to deliver an optimized solution:

Infosys Value Proposition

  • Actionable insights using next-generation Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities to provide a unified view of impact with intuitive depiction of variances and root causes, which can be comprehensively tested and validated against the neutrality hypotheses
  • Automation in claims modeling and simulation of large volume of historical data across multiple scenarios, dimensions and hierarchies
  • Adaptability with a flexible analytics package tailored to specific requirements through features such as customized reporting, configurable dashboards, graphic visualization, and grouper-pricing integration
  • Affordability of a unique cloud-based product that eliminates infrastructure cost, implementation challenges and maintenance issues
  • Adoption by employing an intuitive, IT independent, self-service discovery analysis mode that simplifies use and facilitates faster adoption by business users
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