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End-to-End ICD-10 Testing Services

A unique risk-based approach with best practices, business acumen and cutting-edge tools

Transition to ICD-10 is a colossal challenge for healthcare organizations. Its deep seated impact across multiple systems and business processes can put organizations at significant risk – clinically, operationally and financially – unless validated through exhaustive testing.

ICD-10 transition is a business process transformation as well as a risk-mitigation-focused program. Though the IT impacts of the transition are minimal, healthcare payers and providers face numerous changes in their business processes. The transition depends on both internal factors (unclear scope, significant supply chain impact, etc.) and external factors (vendors, clearing houses, aggregators, etc.). Business involvement is crucial, but paucity of quality resources, to help identify business and technical impacts, hampers planning and execution. Since this program impacts all aspects of the supply chain, the visibility of changes and requirements and the evaluation of their impacts on each other are important to mitigate risks.

The traditional testing model with an IT-centric view would be inadequate to meet the above-mentioned challenges. A well-defined business-focused model complemented with the right tools, expertise and industry insights are crucial for organizations to overcome the bottlenecks and ensure a risk-free compliance.

Our services are a unique risk-based approach with best practices, business acumen, and cutting-edge tools that help in early detection of implementation risks, and establish a well-planned, risk-based coordinated testing framework to efficiently and effectively manage the new code set adoption.

End-to-End ICD-10 Testing Services

Infosys Value Proposition

  • Incorporate best practices in testing and drive the engagement through a structured approach that includes planning, proven strategies, methods and techniques
  • Capitalize on organizational synergies that enhance efficiency, expedite processes, reduce program cycle time and increase ROI by optimizing cost
  • Leverage the right solutions to mitigate transition risks, accelerate and optimize testing across all phases of the compliance, thus delivering high state of organizational readiness for ICD-10
  • Involve skilled consultants who bring the perfect blend of ICD-10 domain and testing proficiency
  • Leverage a technology-agnostic tool suite that spans across multiple platforms, and facilitate easy integration with the existing testing solution in the organization
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