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Healthcare Data Warehousing

Infosys Public Services - Hospital Performance Management Analysis Framework

Hospital executives cannot take informed decisions due to lack of an integrated repository of critical hospital information, and intelligence reports and analytics tools. Such tools integrate transactional and analytical data across domains, departments and services lines of the hospital enterprise into a healthcare data warehousing system.

Infosys’ Healthcare Data Warehousing offering with its advanced data warehousing technique aggregates critical information from disparate clinical, operational or financial data from various sources. Our offering provides an integrated repository of information for performance management analysis. Advanced analytics tools analyze real-time information, ensuring that the right information is available to the right users at the right time.


  • One-stop shop solution: Our Healthcare Data Warehousing offering combines real-time performance monitoring with Information Dashboards to monitor, measure and manage your business. It tracks metrics related to admission, discharge, emergency, ALOS, patient wait times, and bed and nurse availability
  • Real-time data extraction and transformation: Our offering extracts and transforms data from disparate clinical, operational and financial systems on a real-time basis, enabling an integrated view of the hospital's performance
  • Enterprise grade scalability: Our offering can be scaled up to include any number of roles, business processes, units, departments or functional lines without affecting performance
  • Secure: Role-based authentication and security allows you to present the right Information Dashboards or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to the right person
  • Data and platform-independent: Our offering integrates seamlessly with any hospital system and is compatible with healthcare industry standards

Our suite of offerings includes:

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