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Top Trends Driving Healthcare Industry Vol. 2

Top Trends Driving Healthcare Industry Vol. 2 

Volume two of the Healthcare Insights is a continuation of Volume one, and delves into three trends driving the US healthcare industry. These are the following:

  • Retailization and digital transformation
  • Population health and care
  • Legacy modernization, cloud, automation, and outsourcing

Consumers are no longer satisfied with the information they receive from healthcare professionals. In search of more information, they turn to digital platforms such as online portals and forums. They chat with virtual doctors and interface with mobile applications that provide them with the required information about their health, without having to deal with high hospital bills and long queues. Could healthcare organizations address this need from consumers by going increasingly retail and leveraging digital? Read about ‘Retailization and Digital Transformation’ to know more.

Population health management focuses on three vital aspects, namely, spotting patients who are extremely ill and supporting them; reducing or preventing disease progression; and promoting wellness among the population. Learn how technology is helping healthcare organizations address these challenges through analysis of electronic health records, remote monitoring, and social media. Read more on ‘Population Heath and Care.’

To keep up with the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare industry, organizations must carry out legacy modernization by adopting solutions like cloud, automation, and outsourcing. This trend deep dives into the challenges and solutions and offers insightful inputs on ‘Legacy Modernization, Cloud, Automation, and Outsourcing.’

The healthcare industry, like any other, will continue to face challenges. What can help the industry overcome these obstacles and grow successfully is the adoption of the right technology at the right time. Volume two of the Healthcare Insights identifies a host of innovative technologies and makes a powerful case for their adoption.


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