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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement


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Insights: Practical strategies and proven practices for consumer engagement

The US health insurance industry is transforming in fundamental ways. The traditional health insurance business model centered on employers is rapidly evolving with increasing focus on the consumer. Today’s consumer expectations are set by mature experience with leading companies in retail, telecom, banking, and B2C industries. Consumers’ needs are increasingly influenced by digital channels such as the web, mobile, social media etc.


Insight: Consumer engagement in the new reality

Payers need to rethink consumer engagement from the ground up while finding ways to accelerate efforts in a highly competitive market. The Payer’s consumer engagement efforts needs to support consumer ownership and accountability in order to drive change in sustainable behavior, improve health outcomes and lower costs.


Research: Engaging with digital healthcare consumers

Digital health data is a relatively new frontier. Healthcare organizations lag behind consumer readiness and adoption of online and mobile methods. Accelerating digital initiatives in healthcare will increase access to care while driving down costs.


Perspective: Four pillars to evolve from group-centric to consumer-centric organizations for health plans

Health plans are facing massive transformation of shifting from group-centric to consumer-centric model by introducing new competitive offerings tailored to individual consumers. Their business strategies need backing of a robust marketing, consumer engagement and service functionary, in tune with the way today’s consumers think, behave, need and express.


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