Infosys helps strengthen enterprise security for Molina Healthcare Inc.

Client: Molina Healthcare Inc.

Industry: Healthcare

Molina Healthcare Inc. is a Fortune 500 multi-state healthcare organization providing the delivery of healthcare services and health management solutions to government-funded programs in the USA. The company offers health plans designed to meet the needs of individuals and offers comprehensive, quality benefits and programs, including access to a large selection of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, at little or no out-of-pocket cost.

Mr. Sudhakar Gummadi, Vice President, IT Security- CISO, Molina Healthcare Inc., is in charge of information security, supporting all lines of business and risk management. In this video, he explains the key priorities of enterprise security and the importance of people processes and technology. Sudhakar talks about the recent changes in the security landscape, which are essential for limiting breaches in the healthcare industry. The objective of the company is to have a guaranteed plan to secure the enterprise at various levels such as risk management, administration, technical upgrades, etc.

With the fast changing landscape of security challenges, the company feels that it is mandatory to have a watertight security process in place. Despite following the framework of the National Institute of Standard Technology, there are other vulnerable factors that needed to be resolved.

He highlights the successful eight –year partnership with Infosys, and how the company’s administration, physical, and technical skills helped Molina Healthcare overcome various concerns and issues. Moreover, Sudhakar complements the Infosys infrastructure, technical skills, teamwork, and dedication.

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