Vantiq and Infosys develop IoT solution for the energy industry

Vantiq partnered with Infosys for a safety monitoring and carbon emission management solution. Our solution enables energy enterprises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure safety of assets, operations, and people.

The Internet of Things (IoT) solution analyzes sensors, devices, and environmental data to sense and respond to events such as a gas leak on an offshore rig.

Our advanced solution allows enterprises to:

  • Ingest and process data from multiple safety monitoring IoT sensors tracking pressure, vibration, flow, temperature, gas leaks
  • Correlate wind, weather, image streams from cameras to determine an appropriate response in the event of a gas leak
  • Identify risk areas on the oil rig using an AI-based gas dispersal model, trigger evacuation alarms, and alert personnel
  • Report greenhouse gas emissions in real time

Vantiq builds next-generation applications by combining real-world data and real-time events, and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and edge computing. Read more on our alliance here Infosys - Vantiq | Alliances