Sensing, processing and responding to information in real time comes naturally to living organisms. Similarly, agile startups respond to market changes and find opportunities to innovate. But for large, incumbent organizations with complex systems, is it as simple? As several of them embark on their digital transformation journeys, the opportunity to transform into agile, responsive entities, at enterprise scale is a compelling opportunity. In other words, the need to become a Live Enterprise - that continuously evolves, learns and innovates, becomes an imperative.

Infosys is navigating itself to be a Live Enterprise by leveraging a multitude of offerings that are helping us learn, evolve and innovate. We are bringing all these learnings and offerings to our clients through the Infosys Live Enterprise Suite, that will co-exist with the clients’ existing IT landscape to help them:

Infosys Live Enterprise Suite
  1. Reimagine processes to be agile
  2. Reimagine experience to enhance user experience
  3. Reimagine ecosystem to drive exponential value

With this, it’s equally important to harness the strength of talent and herald the age of Live Enterprise, based on four facets:

  • Digital Ecosystem – new ways of working digitalizing the workforce
  • Phygital Collaboration – combining physical and digital working for better productivity and experience
  • Talent (R)evolution – enabling new business models and sustainable workforces
  • Fluid Operating Models – for seamless working

Becoming a Live Enterprise

To become a live enterprise, organizations must build a digital ecosystem in the following ways:

  1. Reimagine experiences for employees, customers and partners through digital native mobility solutions and computational design
  2. Reimagine business processes by applying sentient principles for simplifying them and removing latency, resulting in seamless and superior user experience across all channels
  3. Assimilate artificial intelligence into the core enterprise systems in order to continuously learn and improve
  4. Build a digital infrastructure by using platforms to embed digital capabilities into the enterprise
  5. Build smart workplaces with smart buildings and spaces solutions to accelerate the convergence of physical and digital infrastructure
  6. Nurture smart workforce by offering opportunities to both existing workers and fresh recruits through collaboration and continuous learning thus transforming talent to create sustainable workforces
  7. Enable fluid operating models using technology to facilitate seamless working between customers, suppliers and the organization
  8. Drive organizational change in culture with micro change management

Infosys Live Enterprise Suite

Enabling incumbents to become digital innovators

Infosys Live Enterprise Suite is a digital offering that strengthens an organization’s core to deliver digital capabilities. Architected to scale, it is built on six layers:

Infosys Live Enterprise Suite

Modular in nature, all components of the Infosys Live Enterprise Suite reside at the Service Store – a one stop shop for platforms, IP assets, offerings and solutions. All applications that organizations need are launched from the Service Store seamlessly.

Infosys Live Enterprise Suite can be applied across all industries for multiple line of functions including human resources, finance, sales, marketing, legal, and more.

Key offerings of the Infosys Live Enterprise Suite

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