Case Study

Cloud-based Device Management Solution for a Leading Telecom OEM Provider in North America

The client, a top North American telecom service provider and a leading worldwide device, software platform and services provider to CSPs, wanted an in-house cloud-based device management platform to replace their existing third-party solution.

The device management solution was required to implement network device provisioning, orchestration, device alarm management and analytics. In addition, it required a workflow-based framework to design customized device management. Infosys partnered with the customer to develop this end-to-end solution from conceptualization until deployment on the AWS cloud platform. Infosys developed this solution utilizing an agile-based approach.

Key Challenges

  • Service provisioning framework to support millions of devices on various models.
  • Alarm management system handles a stream of live alerts from millions of devices, and provides reports and insights based on the alarms.
  • Customer-facing workbench to design workflows for multiple use cases.
  • Scalability of solution considering the number of devices.

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The Solution

Architecture/design, development and testing of cloud-based platform for device management, workflow, service manager, alarm analytics, security integration with functional testing and solution testing.

Infosys owned the entire cloud-based platform development project, including:

  • Design, development and implementation of the platform
  • Functional and system testing
  • Scalability testing through simulated devices
  • Post launch support

Device Management Platform Development – Best Practices

  • Agile-based approach for effective requirement elicitation.
  • Device simulator for scalability testing.
  • Quick prototyping for open-source product evaluation.


A commercially viable and mature autonomous buggy for controlled campus environments

Apache Flink based framework for rule-based alarm stream processing.

Launch of India’s first autonomous buggy

Custom workflow design workbench based on Zeebe backend.

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon

Complete solution was deployed on the AWS cloud platform based on micro-service architecture.

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon

Kubernetes auto-scaling on hyper-scaler cloud platform helped in addressing the scalability challenge and high availability.

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon

Usage of cloud-native frameworks and solutions helped in faster development and deployment, meeting TTM deadlines.

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon

Security integration of web portal through Apigee API