Case Study

Building the CaaS & PaaS platform, Orchestration Layer and 5G Cloud Native Network Functions for 5G OEM

A leading OEM launching next-generation 5G solutions was looking for co-development of Container as a Service (CaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Cloud Interface Layer. They wanted the partner to both develop and provide validation services for the 5G core network products.

Infosys Scope:

  • Robust platform design - CaaS and PaaS layers for 5GNFs
  • Platform UI - Web-based app management platform to deploy k8s clusters, CaaS, PaaS and 5G CNFs application and upgrades
  • Cluster sizing, load/performance testing for CaaS and PaaS component
  • Develop/enhance, and test 4G and 5G Core network products.
  • Develop lawful Intercept as a service for 4G and 5G

Key Challenges

  • Creation of high performance k8s clusters on bare metal servers with auto scale features
  • Design of CaaS and PaaS platform to support latency sensitive 5G NFs
  • Complex automation scenarios
  • Blend of open technologies with platform changes with simultaneous development cycle to meet time-to-market

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The Solution

Co-development of CaaS, PaaS and orchestration layer platform components

Cloud native 5G solution demands low latency and high-speed data path coupled with robust and scalable platform layer.

Infosys was involved in developing CaaS, PaaS platform components and portal to deploy k8s clusters intuitively, and application components to cater to the deployment and support flows.

With its deep domain expertise, Infosys co-developed 5G features like lawful interception and build Sanity and QA CI/CD pipelines for smooth release rollout.

5G platform development – best practices

  • Single pane of glass for deployment and support teams across layers– infra, CaaS, PaaS, 5G components with drill down topology views
  • Robust platform with operator based deployments for PaaS components with high availability
  • Sizing and performance test models for CaaS and PaaS components
  • CI/CD and QA pipelines for release management


A commercially viable and mature autonomous buggy for controlled campus environments

Automated deployment of CaaS and PaaS clusters using centralized management plane.

Launch of India’s first autonomous buggy

Single pane of glass for deployment and support teams across layers

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon

5G core deployment with Kubernetes platform