Infosys and Prysmian Group Come Together for an Innovative and Sustainable Solution for Overhead Conductor Management

This IDC Perspective describes how Prysmian Group's innovative E3X coating deployment was facilitated by Infosys Advanced Engineering Group through an advanced robotic solution. Aging cables are susceptible to transmission loss and hence result in power wastage. To avoid these, Prysmian Group developed an innovative coating that can improve the ampacity of the transmission lines, reduce operating temperature, and hence reduce transmission loss. Applying this coating on the energized conductor is complex and can be life-threatening for the wiremen. Infosys addresses this problem by building an advanced robotic solution to clean and then coat the conductors, which are more than 25 years old and expand across several states in the United States.

This case study not only highlights how intricate business challenges can be handled by digital engineering and OT (DEOT) service providers but also showcases how these engineering solutions can support an enterprise's sustainability initiatives. This project also demonstrates DEOT service providers' capability in end-to-end R&D product development, from concept to industrialization to commercialization. The uniqueness of the solution and innovation behind it won the Gold at Edison Awards 2022 and became a milestone in the field of robotics and autonomous systems.

"The E3X Robot System is a prominent example of how engineering service providers can address the complex business problems of their customers. This innovative solution and further engagements to enhance the solution not only represent how such solutions can be scaled up but also support customers' sustainability goals. Hence enterprise buyers should focus on the digital transformation journey of their products, services, and operations to solve real-life high-value engineering problems and choose the right engineering partners to address those while delivering on their organization's sustainability objectives."
Abhishek Mukherjee, Associate Research Manager, Digital Engineering and OT services at IDC

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