Adapting to the Future of Automotive Industry with Toyota Connected North America

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation fueled by automation technology disruptions. The quantum of change expected in the next decade would be greater than what has happened over the last several decades. Several trends such as shared, electric, connected and autonomous are driving these transformations; these trends are universal and impact all forms of mobility, such as passenger/highway vehicles, Off-highway vehicles, logistics and the transportation industry.

Considering these mega trends Infosys organized a panel discussion titled Adapting to the Future of Automotive Industry with our client partner Toyota Connected North America. The panelists included Steve Basra (President & CEO Toyota Connected North America), Raghavendra K.A (VP and Head of Platform Engineering, Infosys) and Gopikrishnan Konnanath (SVP and Global Head - Engineering Services and Blockchain, Infosys).