Building Cost Effective Data Architectures For IOT Platforms

Public cloud platforms are the backbone of many modern systems.

Public cloud providers offer a wide range of services, from pure compute and storage to rich platform services such as event streams, databases, cache and container platforms. Cloud platforms are meant to replace private datacenters because of the complexity and high cost of running datacenters. Most system architectures, simple or complex, are built using cloud services, giving rise to the term Cloud Native. However, if a system is not designed carefully, cloud costs can soon spiral out of control.

In large-scale cloud engagements, platform cost has emerged as a chief consideration, and rightly so. Most customers expect short to medium term cost projections at the start to plan their budgets. Architects need to understand the pricing of various services while designing systems on the cloud. In this whitepaper, the author discusses techniques that can help control cloud costs when designing large systems.

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