Data Migration in the PLM Ecosystem

Massive advancements in computing and storage have compelled almost every business to embrace digital transformation. However, such digital transformations rely upon an enterprise’s ability to adopt ‘Next Generation’ Systems and access IP (Intellectual Property) without disruption. In this context, a well-crafted Data Migration strategy from a legacy to a new system becomes pivotal for the success of the transformation initiative.

A fundamental aspect of a PLM transformation initiative is a high quality, efficient and cost-effective data migration from the legacy systems to the new PLM system.

It must be treated as something other than a routine matter of moving data/artifacts from one system to another. In most instances, there is a high degree of uncertainty and unknowns concerning the volume and complexity of data (especially involving CAD) to be migrated across the program phases; Therefore, it is imperative to have a migration strategy that can handle the ambiguity while still being transparent.

The intent of this paper is present a practitioner’s view of Data Migration in PLM based on experiences and observations. The paper does not prescribe a solution, fully recognizing that there is no ‘one stop’ solution for a given problem.

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