Smart Approaches for Migrating Legacy Devices for Digital Manufacturing

The Manufacturing industry is undergoing a tremendous change and digital transformation, utilizing Industry 4.0 principles is a necessity and not an option anymore. It is a big leap forward after industrial automation, utilizing present-day legacy systems and adopting newer technologies. It is a more concerted effort to digitalize holistically and not in an ad hoc manner. Legacy systems dominate many manufacturing companies.

Almost 50% of installed systems need reengineering with digital technologies to increase competitiveness and agility in manufacturing. Many of these legacy systems have already attained or are nearing end-of-life and cannot drive the next level of growth for digital manufacturing. Various studies conducted by industrial innovation leaders about legacy systems and digitalization studies suggest different solutions to transform them before retiring or phasing them out.

This paper discusses the pain areas and various strategic solutions to migrate legacy systems to the modern digital manufacturing ecosystem. It provides insights into a digitalization roadmap with highlights on practical solutions. It also underlines some of the best practices to implement and realize benefits. Download the paper for crucial insights for the Manufacturing industry.

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