Intelligent Image Analyzer for Telecom Network

Moving ahead in digital times, it is very crucial that we address various tedious and time-consuming manual efforts in Telecom industry where multiple use cases require rigorous visual inspection and verification to validate, upgrade or replace the network elements on field at regular intervals. Moreover, this process is less accurate since it is primarily based on human experience and doesn't follow any specific rule base.

This paper elaborates and explore the various practical use cases based on Image Analytics specifically in telecom domain ranging from usual brownfield use cases such as network inspection in case of upgrade of network (4G to 5G etc.), identifying and replacing various equipment’s to even complex scenarios such as address fallout management, drone-based image analytics for 5G small cell deployment, tower inspection etc.

On the technical aspect, the solution leverages Deep learning-based object detection algorithms and advanced analytics to solve these multifaceted problems.

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