Medical Device Development On Mobile Platforms

Mobile devices are immensely popular and pervasive. As 5G software ushers in more bandwidth, it will also bring in a better quality of video streaming, thus boosting bandwidth-intensive medical applications. The development of medical applications using mobile platforms has disrupted the healthcare industry delivering a host of benefits and leading to greater adoption of these technologies.

Medical applications on mobile platforms go beyond fitness or wellness as medical device manufacturers venture into remote patient monitoring or address critical functions such as programming Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED).

This document presents a view on the considerations for creating medical devices on mobile platforms or integrating medical devices with mobile platforms. We also look at aspects to be considered while developing software for medical devices on mobile platforms.

The document addresses architectural and design considerations and provides best practices to be adopted. These views are derived from the author's experience developing Class 3 Medical device software on mobile platforms.