PTC Windchill on AWS

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have become an integral part of product development teams. However, in this fast-changing world, simply traditionally operating a PLM system is no longer enough. Instead, organizations are embracing cloud to march ahead of the competition and make their team agile.

The IT industry has accelerated cloud adoption for its entire workload. Even engineering applications like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are considered as PLM vendors already provide SaaS versions of their products. For instance, PTC has acquired Arena to widen its portfolio of SaaS products.

However, those organizations that have moved their PLM system to the cloud are still struggling to realize their full potential and face performance issues and failure. Companies should not consider PLM migration to the cloud as a one-off, but as part of an overall cloud transformation strategy. Migrating the application using the “lift and shift” strategy cannot realize the full potential of the cloud. Each application should be analyzed, designed, and planned before the migration.

This whitepaper provides insights on the strategy organizations must consider before migrating PLM applications to the public cloud. The paper is based on our experience when installing Windchill on AWS Cloud.