Product Quality Engineering

The rising importance of digital transformation has impacted various facets of the product development life cycle. For example, as the focus on rapid delivery and customer satisfaction increases, it is more important than ever to ship flawless products. These market demands have pushed the boundaries of Product Quality Assurance (PQA) to consider Agile, DevOps practices and provide continuous testing with a shift left approach. Software product development and sustenance are a highly complex ecosystem. Hence it needs a different and unique test approach to ensure completeness. Furthermore, unlike conventional application testing, where the singular focus of the tester is to meet a customer’s requirement, in product testing, the tester needs to adapt and align the test strategy to the product lifecycle stage (broadly classified as a new product, product expansion, product maturity and product sustenance) and the fast-changing market needs (for example, support new features/devices/ browsers/cloud platforms). In summary, a product testing strategy requires an agile, flexible and adaptive mindset. As an industry leader in test offerings, Infosys Engineering provides a holistic product testing approach involving best practices from Agile and DevOps services across various industry segments.

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