Infosys teams aim to minimize Aircraft-On-Ground (AOGs), improve operational efficiency and reduce service cost through our domain experts and unmatched digital capabilities. We offer our services for MRO shops, Aircraft, Engine and Component OEMs for their After Market Services Engineering teams and Airline Techops.

Our Service Offerings

We offer engineering solutions across the entire lifecycle of MRO Shops and After Market Services team of OEM’s.

Support Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Repair:
    • Development, validation and vendors integration
  • Technical Publications / Manuals:
    • New methods development and manual updates
    • Engineering tool for manuals’ development
  • Service Cost Reduction:
    • Identification and execution of service cost reduction ideas through multi-skill engineering teams
  • Investigations:
    • Root cause analysis, immediate containment actions and strategy for future avoidance
    • Safety investigations using multi-skill engineering teams
  • Embedding Field knowledge in Product Development:
    • Suggest design changes in the early stage of product development based on the field issues
  • Operation support to our client’s customers:
    • 24/7 support to Airlines and MROs.
  • Non-conformance management:
    • Manage non-conformance following airworthiness guidelines

Support MRO Shops and Airline Techops

  • Base & Line Maintenance:
    • Repair scheme development
    • Implementation of SBs and NMSBs
    • Management of aircraft maintenance program
  • Fleet Management
    • Manage aircraft/component reliability programs
    • Root Cause Analysis/defect troubleshooting
    • Inventory management
  • Cabin Modifications
    • Perform cabin structure and systems design
    • Design and analyze cabin interior components in support of aircraft interior modification projects
    • Creation of drawings and procedures
  • Engine Services
    • Engine inspection and non-conformance management
    • Components sampling and report generation
    • Root cause identification and management
    • Repair definition and validation
    • Borescope inspection, manage findings & record keeping
  • Component Maintenance & Overhaul
    • Component specific repair definition, validation and first article inspection

Our proven digital solutions minimize aircraft on-ground time and improve operational efficiency

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Our digital offerings for MRO shops and OEMs include

  • Image Analytics & Computer Vision
  • AR/VR based solutions for training
  • Industry 4.0 solutions for MRO shops / Manufacturing units
  • Process Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence for Service Parts Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Integrated Vehicle Health Management

Innovation Hubs

Infosys After Market Services team operates through Mysore and Bangalore (India), United Kingdom and Baden (Switzerland). In addition, Infosys engineers support MRO Shops in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and United Kingdom.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Infosys engineers are highly experienced in jobs for After Market Services domain for MROs and OEMs.
  • Many engineers have approvals from EASA to perform airworthiness critical jobs and delegations for technical approvals from various customers.

  • Infosys has a world-class team that conceptualizes, builds and delivers digital solutions.
  • Our digital solutions help you make informed data driven decisions. These improve predictability, enable automation, increase employee satisfaction, integrate the complete value chain and boost inventory accuracy resulting in better profits for the business.

  • We offer AR/VR based training platform that can help to upskill/reskill and onboard new engineers quickly.
  • We bring experience in improving processes through Value Stream Maps, Lean Six Sigma and Automation of various jobs
  • Our onshore/offshore model helps provide 24/7 support at an optimal cost
  • Our solutions around predictive maintenance, re (reverse)-engineering of components and experience in establishing USM supply chain helps reduce material cost