Rapid advances in technology are driving the growth of autonomous systems that can respond to real-world conditions without human intervention. These systems bring in new efficiencies in the supply chain, unmanned surveillance and navigation and handling of harmful environments.

Infosys has developed autonomous systems that enable intelligent navigation, remote monitoring and remote surveillance for the manufacturing, mining and automotive industries. We have built competencies in Industry 4.0 technologies such as robotics, cloud computing, computer vision and cyber-machine-human interfaces. These capabilities, along with our robust partner ecosystem, help us drive innovations with our clients.

Infosys provides comprehensive and tailored autonomous solutions so clients can benefit from smart transportation services that deliver cost savings and support the digital transformation journey.

Solution offerings in AD-ADAS [ Autonomous Driving – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems]

  • Mapping and localization: LiDAR & camera-based detection and tracking of features, path planning and obstacle avoidance
  • LiDAR-based road detection: Segmentation of road and non-road points from LiDAR output, point cloud data classification
  • Vehicle detection and tracking: Algorithm in real-time to detect the presence of multiple vehicles in the same frame
  • Pedestrian detection and tracking: Detection algorithm in real-time and track motion of multiple pedestrians
  • Simulation for ADAS validation: CARLA simulator, user-configured scenarios, sensors and algorithms benchmarking
  • Sensor fusion- LiDAR and camera: Enhances system performance, detects objects and improves recognition accuracy
  • Traffic signs detection: Image analytics and vision assist algorithms in real-time to detect traffic signs
  • Lane detection and tracking: Helps advanced driver-assistance systems, detects lane departures and blind spots

Next-generation platforms built with artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies



  • Partnership eco-system: Universities, Technology providers, Manufacturers


  • Autonomous Vehicle Platform
  • Automated Guided Vehicle Platform
  • Video Intelligence Platform
  • Robotic Artificial Intelligence Language Integrated Product Technology Platform


  • 15 + Tested Independent Proven modules
  • Expertise up-to Level 4 of autonomy


  • 19+ Client Engagements
  • 35+ Internal Programs
  • Coverage across all industry Sector
  • 3 IPs

Challenges & Solutions

Unmanned navigation in a predictive manner, thereby improving efficiency and human safety. Intelligent navigation for people and material movement, assisted by vision and sensor technologies, as modular solutions

Accelerated autonomous journeys that eliminate human dependency in critical logistics, mass transportation, material transportation and movement in hazardous areas

End-to-end fleet management solution to optimize and control autonomous systems remotely