Infosys Transitions Spark NZ to the ServiceNow Platform

This case study has been authored by Ollie O’Donoghue, Senior Vice President, HFS Research

The ServiceNow market continues to be a major battleground for the provider community – particularly as the supply of talent is far outstripped by enterprise demand. The very nature of this ServiceNow talent crisis, any successful engagement relies on having a partner that is able to bring experienced and capable professionals to work with clients. As talent becomes a hard-fought battleground between providers and enterprises alike, enterprise leaders must carefully scrutinize potential partners to ensure they have the right blend of skills and experience to support their engagement.

This case study covers how in a highly competitive talent market finding the right ServiceNow partner is vital for success and why Spark chose Infosys as its strategic ServiceNow partner.

The Challenge: Simplifying complex service management, while keeping data segregated

Spark Telecom had six different instances of legacy service management tools managing workflow across the organization, functioning in a highly complex environment. The complexity – built out of a need to keep data from internal business units and external clients separate – led to several core business challenges. Onboarding new clients and managing workflows was a time-intensive process. And getting to the bottom of which work is chargeable was a tricky business. Spark was looking for a centralized platform and a service provider with the necessary talent and expertise to help make the transition to the platform.

The Solution: Infosys leveraged its talent and expertise to build a solution that brought Spark’s resources spread across several service management tools to a single ServiceNow platform

A technical solution was needed to simplify the service management platforms. The expertise provided by Infosys was particularly important as there isn’t a huge amount of in-country expertise with the platform. Spark selected Infosys to support a major ServiceNow rollout for being one of the few providers in the local market that had the capability to deliver, and for the strong collaborative partnership formed between Infosys and ServiceNow over the last decade. The solution amalgamates instances into one ServiceNow, keeps data segregated within the platform and avoids customizations associated with upgrade to new versions of ServiceNow.

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