Transforming Proximus to a Customer-centric Digital Company

Lorenz Vandamme, Domain Manager, Proximus and Himani Tewari, Practice Lead, ServiceNow Customer Service Management and Security, Infosys discuss about Proximus’ goal to provide the best customer experience across all segments and achieve a 40% TCO reduction by 2025.

Infosys collaborated with Proximus by leveraging the Now Platform and Infosys’ enterprise service management solutions of its cloud brand Infosys Cobalt to build a customer service portal for Proximus’ enterprise customers, optimize customer workflows, and onboard several service desks catering to 50K+ customers with simplified processes using Customer Service Management to deliver smart consumer experiences for Proximus’ employees and customers. The Now Platform is also used for ITSM and ITOM, phasing out more than five legacy IT applications, resulting in increased operational efficiency of enterprise business data center operations. Proximus’s journey continues with facilities procurement and onboarding retail consumers.

Watch this video to learn how these changes resulted in delighting its customers, improving self-service interactions, reducing call volumes, and increasing productivity.