Modernizing Conagra’s IT environment in 13 days with the ServiceNow platform

The case study has been authored by Ollie O'Donoghue and Tom Reuner, Senior Vice President, HFS Research.

For many enterprises, ServiceNow has become an integral business platform – a cornerstone of their technology stack. And with the tool usually forming part of a broader digital transformation programme, leaders often find themselves caught between the need to implement and scale the platform rapidly while getting the most business value out of it.

The Challenge: To build a roadmap which saw core ITSM processes and other key business applications on the ServiceNow platform go live in less than two weeks and, with minimal disruption amidst the global pandemic COVID-19.

Conagra recognized that their existing solutions were no longer fit for purpose – leading the firm to pick ServiceNow to better align Conagra’s broader modernization programme. They needed the platform in place as soon as possible. Firstly, because the incumbent solution was falling out of support. And secondly, because the platform would have a major impact on the organization so needed to be spun up as speedily as possible.

The Solution: Highly collaborative partnership where Infosys brought in the right resources to the engagement and, a hybrid sourcing model that effectively leveraged onshore and offshore resources to pull off a major ServiceNow implementation in 13 days.

Infosys leveraged its Enterprise Service Management Café , part of Infosys Cobalt, to replace ConAgra’s incumbent solution with the ServiceNow platform and set a foundational building block of a broader transformation programme in place. Infosys became the partner of choice for the engagement because of the prior relationship delivering managed services & support and, for its well-known ServiceNow services capabilities. Moving forward those capabilities will be part of newly established cloud brand, Infosys Cobalt that unifies cloud investments across Infosys to more effectively support clients on their migration projects.

Read this case study to learn how Infosys partnered with Conagra to deploy a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) in 13 days.

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