ServiceNow’s Emergency Response Apps

Amidst the current pandemic, enterprises need to be prepared by staying connected with their employees to ensure their safety, respond effectively to the rapidly changing crisis and drive business continuity. Together with ServiceNow, Infosys is helping enterprises navigate through these unprecedented times by enabling ServiceNow’s four emergency response apps for all our customers to manage emergency response workflows. Reach out to us to evaluate your readiness and deploy these apps into production.

Emergency Response Operations App – Washington State’s Department of Health, a ServiceNow customer, initially created the Emergency Response Operations app on the Now Platform to manage their own response to COVID 19. Working with ServiceNow, the Department of Health is making the app available to all government entities at no charge. This app allows public agencies and other organizations to optimize staff and resources to support emergency response.

Emergency Outreach App - During a crisis, this app leverages the Now Platform to help companies connect with employees to assess the impact. Employers can reach out by email to provide information and safety measures and request a response to confirm if employees are safe and where they are located. Employers can also leverage the ServiceNow Now Mobile App to send push notifications to employees via mobile to get response.

Emergency Self Report App - This app helps an employee notify their employer that they are self quarantined and when the employee will return to work and provides workflow support for the employer.

Emergency Exposure Management App - When a company becomes aware that its employee is diagnosed with an illness, this app helps the employer identify other people who might have been exposed based on the employee’s meetings history and job location.