The growing importance of enterprise asset management in the cloud era

As the lines between IT and business are blurring, there is a change on how Asset Management is viewed in the organization. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) focuses on managing and optimizing physical and virtual enterprise assets, and can be summarized as the set of processes, practices, and platforms to manage the lifecycle of all enterprise assets.

In the article published on Communications Today, the author, Gaurav Uniyal, Associate Vice President and Service Management Head, Americas and APAC, Infosys, explains how cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) has revolutionized the way organizations manage and maintain their assets. By harnessing the power of the cloud, businesses can enjoy the benefits of enhanced asset performance, streamlined maintenance workflows, and real-time visibility. A cloud-based EAM enables organizations to optimize asset utilization, minimize downtime, and effectively plan maintenance activities.

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