Transforming IT into AI - Powered Service Operations

Today, technology leaders are under massive pressure to deliver continuous digital transformation by creating resilient businesses. However, the challenge leaders face is that technology landscapes have become tougher to manage. Every organization provides various services to its stakeholders, such as customer service, human resources, finance, and other vertical applications. The different functions generate vast number of data and complexity.

IT services and operations teams have little bandwidth to cope with the load of incidents and events with siloed, disparate tools. Hence, organizations must plan to automate and transform their IT by elevating the service management processes.

In the article, ‘Transforming IT with AI - powered Service Operations’, author Vikas Tatwani, Associate Vice President & Head of Cloud, Infrastructure and Security Services, Asia - pacific & Japan, Infosys, shares his views on the importance of modern service management system and how it helps as a foundation for efficient service delivery for all the stakeholders of a company by merging with the organization's workflows and processes.

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