Service Experience Transformation Chronicles: Redefining Service Experience in LCNC – S2:E1

Season 2 – Low-code No-code | Episode 1 – The Infosys Perspective

We start season 2 of Service Experience Transformation Chronicles with the Infosys perspective from Aniesh Myneni, Service Line Lead – Low-code, No-code, Infosys, on the low-code no-code area. The area has been gaining exponential momentum across application modernization and service experience transformation space.

This episode covers the impact of Low-code No-code across the IT industry through workflow automation and digitization and how there is an increase in the demand for hyper automation and IT modernization. It touches upon customer challenges associated with legacy systems and how it is being addressed by ServiceNow Low-code No-code platform.

Adapting to a Low-code No-code approach will play a vital role in accelerating clients towards enterprise transformation and hence focusing on the significance of the platform towards driving growth through digital innovation.