Infosys enables digital transformation at University of Nottingham using a student records system

The case study has been authored by Tim Jennings, Research Director, Enterprise ICT Management, Omdia

University of Nottingham was a large and complex organization, with three campuses across the world. Aiming to be a pioneer in higher education and provide an internationally based education, the university needed to modernize its academic and student management system to drive institutional growth and improve effectiveness.

Infosys supported the university with a new delivery model

The university wanted a reliable, secure, cost-effective system that could be used seamlessly in the UK, China, and Malaysia. It needed a 360-degree view of student information. After having tried to implement a student information system for over four years, the university was experiencing challenges. This is where Infosys stepped in, developed and deployed the Campus Solutions system that went live within 11 months. The solution was created with the university’s long-term objectives in mind and will be at the heart of its digital transformation going forward.

Key Highlights of the Case Study

  • The University of Nottingham had experienced challenges when trying to implement a new student records system and organizational change at the same time.
  • The applications landscape was also extremely complex, with 370 systems recorded in the university’s asset register, and more than 14,000 distinct software applications detected on the organization’s network
  • Infosys developed and deployed the Campus Solutions system which provides process automation, an improved student experience and also enables insights-driven decision-making.
  • The university rolled out Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions across its three locations, with Infosys supporting the technical build, data migration, and go-live for the UK, and system improvements in China and Malaysia.
  • All three campuses are now using a single, integrated system, which is expected to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the user experience for both employees and students.

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