Infosys increases the number of Oracle-Certified Employees by 200%

Infosys Oracle Cloud Practice, part of Infosys Cobalt, has consistently been investing in our employees to empower them with high-quality cloud training and certification initiatives. As part of this journey to strengthen our position in the Oracle Cloud ecosystem, we leveraged Oracle University Training.

Creating a Strong Culture of Learning

"At Infosys, we pride ourselves in having the highest quality consultants in the market. To stay current on the rapid changes in the cloud, we have teamed with Oracle University and now have access to comprehensive digital training which has enabled us to continuously improve skills and maintain our competitive position."
— Gopi KK, SVP and Service Offering Head, Oracle Services, Infosys

Infosys identified three goals for the new and enhanced education strategy with Oracle University to support excellence in our digital transformation services:

  • Increase competitive differentiation as the premier consulting firm for digital transformation projects and cloud implementation
  • Develop the most proficient and qualified Oracle consulting team
  • Become one of the top Oracle-certified partners in Oracle Cloud

Oracle’s Cloud Learning Subscriptions (CLS) was chosen to accomplish these goals.

Key Highlights of the Success

  • Infosys has solidified a stronger culture of learning within its workforce, increasing the number of Oracle-certified employees by 200%
  • Globally, Infosys is now among the top three SIs with respect to overall number of Cloud certifications
  • Infosys has now expanded its Oracle education focus from its India headquarters to the U.S., Europe, and additional staff in India
  • Infosys consultants across the globe are now better educated and able to conveniently access flexible, dynamic training options and certification opportunities, when and where they need it

Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions has ultimately helped us strengthen our business overall while better serving our customers worldwide.

Client success in the cloud is the foundation of our business. Unlimited access to ‘always-on,’ user-friendly digital learning has helped to enhance the confidence of our Oracle Cloud consulting team, part of the Infosys Cobalt community, build credibility with clients, and optimize project completion results.
— Sreekumar Sreedharan, VP and Delivery Head, Oracle Services, Infosys

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