Connected Supply Chain for Resilient Operations

The supply chain is a critical element of any successful business, but it can be fraught with challenges, from logistics to inventory management to supplier relationships. In the face of these challenges, many organizations are turning to cutting-edge technologies and cloud-based solutions to improve the resilience and responsiveness of their supply chains.

To help businesses navigate this complex landscape, in this webcast, Oracle, Infosys, and IDC share insights into the key challenges faced by clients in the supply chain space and offer guidance on how to leverage SCM Cloud technologies to overcome these obstacles.


Chinmay Jain, AVP, Delivery Head – Infosys

Jim Malone, Senior Content Strategist – CIO Marketing Services

Jon Chorley, CSO & SVP, SCM Product Strategy & PLM – Oracle

Simon Ellis, VP, U.S. Manufacturing Insights & Global Supply Chain Strategies – IDC