Innovate and Modernize through Cloud: with Security and High Performance

Today many companies are facing challenges or limitations with their legacy ICT applications around modern digital capabilities, scalability performance, significant hardware refresh and license renewal costs, to name a few. This typically leads to an Uplift vs Transform with multiple hybrid options in between. As a part of the intervention required, there is also an aspiration to roll in the benefits of high-performance cloud computing, IoT, capitalizing on the explosion of data, and the larger requirement to establish secure digital platforms. This opens up a plethora of options, with their benefits and challenges.

We invite you to our webcast of Infosys and Oracle, a joint executive workshop that took place in Melbourne on “Innovate and Modernize through Cloud: with Security and High Performance”, wherein visionaries, industry analysts, and business executives brought perspectives and insights that will help demystify the topic.

Accelerated Cloud Adoption: Doing More With Less as Volatility Becomes The New Normal

Today every region is being impacted by storms of disruptions. This video shares the challenges faced by the ANZ region and how digital-first is the need of the hour. It shares interesting insights on how the cloud is enabling clients to become more efficient. But what is next in this era of digital-first? Watch this video where IDC Research Manager, Rijo Thomas shares his insights.

Modernize: Data-driven enterprise (Modernize, migrate, and transform)

Every digital transformation buyer has a question about the cloud and its momentum. What is a hybrid cloud and how to optimize business when looking for cloud migration? What are the business outcomes to expect when you embark on this journey? Hear from the distinguished speakers from Infosys and Oracle in this panel discussion, moderated by an IDC Analyst as they unravel the insights and success stories of cloud transformation.

Customer Lens – Resolution Life

In this video, you will get insights about the leading insurance company and their journey with Infosys and Oracle for finance transformation. The company was able to simplify its finance operations and build an enterprise that is agile, and cloud connected.

Customer Lens – Nidec

Cloud computing is the true enabler of digital transformation journeys. It helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and achieve better performance with scalability, agility, and data sovereignty. Enterprises can modernize cloud transformation using NextGen OCI and transition from traditional IT approaches. Hear from a leading manufacturing company on how they embarked on the journey of cloud transformation with Infosys and Oracle and provided them the benefits of Cloud like scalability, reliability, elasticity, and improved TCO.