Revenue Management Opportunities in Retail, Corporate, Investment and Universal Banking

In this webinar, Infosys, Oracle, and IDC speakers will dive into the topic of revenue management in the banking industry and its potential for a positive social impact. This expert panel will discuss the various opportunities that banks can leverage to generate more fee-based income while also improving margins, increasing revenues, reducing costs, and better pricing management. Explore how analytics can be used to improve pricing decisions and gain insights into segmentation, price elasticity, and pricing negotiation. The panelists will also delve into the need for flexibility in adapting to changing customer preferences and competition, deal management strategies, and the shift from product silos to relationship-based pricing.

With traditional banking fee structures no longer viable in today's world, examine how banks can counter the competition from FinTech and Big Tech by offering innovative pricing models such as product packaging or subscription-based services. Finally, you will learn to examine futuristic banking models and their pricing implications and how to stay ahead in the banking industry.


Akshaya Kapoor, VP – Oracle Financial Services

Newin Chelladurai, AVP, Delivery Head for Oracle – Infosys

Ramgopal Natarajan, Group Manager, Portfolio Head, Capital Markets – Infosys

Rob O'Regan, Global Content Director – CIO Marketing Services