Accelerate your business transformation journey with agile deployments for Oracle Cloud, on premise implementations, and industry solutions, leveraging Infosys tools and accelerators.

Infosys helps you accelerate your business transformation journey into an agile, connected, and digital enterprise with Oracle Cloud, agile deployments, industry solutions, Infosys tools and accelerators.

We help you reimagine, reinvent, and recalibrate your enterprise to drive accelerated digital transformation across your value chain.

Looking to accelerate your transformation through Oracle Cloud and Infosys IP?

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Infosys can reinvent your enterprise, make it agile and connected, accelerate your transformation and make you ready to succeed in the digital economy. This can lead to any of the following outcomes below:

  • Predictable business outcomes
  • Flexible engagement and pricing models for deployment
  • Intelligent Implementation platform to harness the technology levers

The services include:

  • Industry solutions to meet industry specific needs
  • Built PaaS solutions to enhance cloud offerings
  • Workload migration to the cloud leveraging Oracle IaaS
  • Deployment of Intelligent Information platform leveraging artificial intelligence / machine learning techniques

Challenges & solutions

Cloud is changing the way companies are doing business. Enterprises are looking at cloud to fuel growth and to enable faster time to market. Today many organizations are migrating to enterprise grade cloud infrastructure to leverage next gen hardware infra and at the same time reduce overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Infosys has helped clients migrate to enterprise grade cloud infrastructure in an accelerated fashion with zero downtime to the business.

New business imperatives are dictating how companies use information technology and adopt to cloud. Infosys can help you create the business case to match your strategic objectives to make information technology an enabler of business objectives. Infosys solutions help you harness the power of technology to solve your business challenges across your ecosystem, making it work like never in tandem with each other.

The emergence of the cloud is heralding a shift in the skills that information technology workers need and the jobs they are doing. It's changing the entire culture inside IT departments and its engagement with line of business (LoB). We help you manage this change in a seamless manner and create a KPI driven model of cloud adoption, putting skill in the game and working with you as partners.

Infosys helps customers carry out cloud assessment where the applications are analyzed with respect to maturity, business needs and risk. Based on the assessment, business relevance and return on investment the applications to be moved to the cloud are finalized.