Infosys' framework for Blackline to ARCS migration helps client in effective planning of their migration and provides considerations and solutions for mitigating any risks that could impact the implementation timelines and present any compliance risk

The framework is built around conversion of the following key components. The templates and utilities required for conversion are also available and help clients for upto 60-70% self-deployments of their solution on top of ARCS module.

  • Blackline Accounts to ARCS profiles
  • Source and Sub System Mappings
  • User Setup Migration
  • Historical reconciliations

For Transaction Matching the key factors to consider during migration are multiple data source, match processes, matching rules and historical unmatched transactions.

The framework methodology leverages Infosys tools and accelerators built for ARCS to help reduce the overall implementation effort by 20-25%.

What are the pre-migration considerations?

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Factors Blackline ARCS
Functionality and Modules

To get full reconciliation management solution, must purchase all reconciliation products: a) Account Reconciliations; b) Transaction Matching (TM); c) Variance Analysis and d) Consolidation Integrity Manager. TM being separate module in Blackline complicating the licensing/cost issue

Rather than having to purchase a separate product for transaction matching, variance analysis and consolidation integrity manager, you already have everything built in to ARCS.  Therefore ARCS is better as an integrated tool (single module)


Blackline does not allow writing of rules within the workflow, rules to enforce attachments, send email alert, etc.

ARCS allows writing of rules within the workflow, to enforce attachments, to send email alerts

Custom/Calculated Attributes

No capability to create calculated attributes

ARCS allows creation of custom/calculated attributes to capture information specific to any business to enable automated reconciliations

Risk Ratings

Blackline allows risk ratings for account profiles only as part of the system setup.

Setting up dynamic risk ratings is possible in ARCS and there is flexibility to assign due dates based on risk ratings as well

Source Data Integration

Blackline has pre-build connectors for ERP integration.

ARCS is capable of drilling into source and subsystems using FDMEE whereas, such capability does not exist in Blackline. Its integration capabilities with Oracle systems is un paralleled

User Experience

Blackline gives real-time configurable reports and dashboards.

ARCS provides enhanced data analytics and improved monitoring. Data load and usability of the application can go simultaneously, ensuring continuous process. Additionally, ARCS has a role-based, intuitive user interface as well as interactive dashboards and role-based tasks.


Blackline reporting functionality does not have similar depth though dashboard capabilities do exist for visibility purposes

ARCS comes with several built-in reporting templates in HTML, PDF, Excel formats with pre-delivered dashboards.  Moreover, these reports can further be customized

Report Binders

Report Binder feature is not available in Blackline

Report Binders feature is available in ARCS and can be used for audit purposes


Challenges & Solutions

The biggest benefits ensuring enhanced data analytics and improved monitoring:

  • Data load and usability of the application can go simultaneously, ensuring continuous process
  • Rich and intuitive reporting capabilities including in-transit report for close process
  • Out of the box dashboards with customization and transaction filtering capabilities

Infosys framework enables automated reconciliations:

  • About 75-80% transactions are auto-matched, ensuring desired functionality of the application
  • High-speed auto-match process needs no manual intervention
  • Possibility to create custom attributes where certain calculation criteria can be used like BU, Bank Account
  • number on one side of matching as against to Entity and custom reference number on other side.

Infosys framework reduces the number of manual matching of transactions through efficient match processes:

  • Ability to match data from multiple sources without cloning
  • Ability to define various match processes in a single reconciliation
  • More scalable solution to handle additional interfaces and reconciliations/transactions without additional cost