The Infosys mid-enterprise HCM offering is designed as a set of fixed-fit, ready-to-deploy solutions for various business functions across the HR enterprise. The offering concentrates on the digitalization of processes, improved engagement experience, and industry-focused service delivery.

The comprehensive set of offerings enables transparent and predictable transformation through pre-defined scope, and packaged solutions and drives significant business value.

Pre-configured template-based offering leveraging Infosys HCM Cloud Migration Toolkit to optimize implementation cost and enhance business value


The Infosys offering is the preferred choice of mid-market enterprises embarking on digitalization journey for their HR needs. It offers upfront commitment and predictability in scope, cost, and timelines.

It complements Oracle HCM Now by balancing the HR objectives of employee engagement and productivity on one hand and IT objectives of modernization and digital transformation on the other. All this is achieved with flexible pricing.

Value Realization with Infosys Mid-Enterprise Offering:


Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys mid-enterprise offering for Oracle HCM Now provides four variants – essentials, synergistic features, value added features and ERP integrations. Each of these variants comes with pre-defined catalog-based pricing to allow you to select the process modules applicable to your business at a price that fits your budget and business priorities.

Our offerings are off-the-shelf and come with catalog-based pricing. Based on the business priorities, you have flexibility to adopt what you need and start on your Oracle HCM Cloud journey at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). For more details on scope and cost, please contact us.

Depending on the modules and variant selected, implementation can be completed within 4 to 7 months. Several module implementations can run in parallel, and our offering customizes the implementation path for the selected scope.

Infosys offering focuses on digitization of standard processes across the enterprise including multi-country and multi-entity setup. Our offering has been successfully implemented for several mid-enterprises that operate across North America, EMEA, APAC and combination of those regions.

Infosys value proposition for this offering includes fixed scope, fixed duration, and catalog-based cost creating a predictable timeline and outcome for your implementation. Our proprietary set of tools and accelerators with proven methodology provides an accelerated return on your investment. Infosys collaborates with customer to identify key HR KPIs to track and monitor throughout implementation to realize envisaged value.

The Infosys offering includes mid-enterprise application managed services with pricing that is based on ticket-count range. These are rendered through a shared services model to support your business operations and improve customer experience.