Infosys has launched an innovative automated solution based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to carry out warehouse business operations such as stock-picking and stock put-away with ease by generating and scanning QR codes to process orders using a browser on mobiles/tablets.

This solution eliminates manual paperwork and encourages digitalization of processes.

The automated solution makes existing business operations more efficient across several business areas with minimal investments and no additional maintenance cost.

The high-level process for QR code generation

The high-level process for QR code generation

This solution integrates with JD Edwards to make it a unique and innovative QR code generation and scanning solution.


JD Edwards does not provide an out-of-the-box solution to generate QR codes. This custom solution integrates with JD Edwards and makes it a unique and innovative JD Edwards-based QR code generation and scanning solution. Industries with business operations such as warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation need an automated scanning solution to implement business processes with minimal capex and opex.

Infosys has built this QR code solution based on extensive experience and rich expertise gained from multiple warehouse project implementations.


  • Reduced manual effort with an automated QR code scanning solution
  • Capex and Opex saved on license and AMS charges for 3rd party applications
  • Paperless transactions with mobile-based automated solution
  • Easy to use and accessible by any portable device
  • Encode the large amount of data by scanning with Quick Response and offer direct link access of instructional applications, websites, landing pages, emails etc.

Challenges & Solutions

Oracle JD Edwards does not have out-of-the-box QR code generation functionality. The QR code solution uses open-source software to integrate with JD Edwards. Using this solution, QR codes can be easily scanned by Android and IOS mobile/tablet devices using a browser.

The solution is built on open-source functionality and does not need any other system or devices available in the market for scanning the QR code.

Any browser can be used to run the solution and no specific application purchase is needed.

This is an embedded JD Edwards-based solution that does not need integration with any third-party system to generate and scan the QR code. This helps cut down the operational and capital expenditure costs.

Versions of Android 8 and higher and iOS 11 and higher have the capability to scan the QR code.

Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome are the browsers that support this solution.