As communications enterprises consider cloud adoption, there are process harmonization challenges across operating companies (OpCos). Coexistence with legacy ERPs and OSS/BSS applications poses increasing challenges in achieving the required scalability and flexibility. In addition, increased opex and capex leads to difficulties in maintaining a sustainable cashflow.

Changes in the business environment as well as powerful convergence of multiple technologies have forced communications industry leaders to rethink their strategy.

Higher customer churn, rising resource costs, and quickly adapting to modern technologies including 5G enablement adds more complexities to telecom operations. There is a need for the communications industry to revive its operations and prioritize specific thrust areas.

To overcome these challenges, Infosys has introduced the Communications Industry Solution leveraging Oracle and an open-source platform to enable the communications industry to quickly adapt and deploy IP assets and solutions.

Telecommunication Industry Solution by Infosys helps enhance existing application capabilities with actionable and predictable insights. This makes it an obvious choice for communications enterprises.

Key Features

  • Covers key processes such as network operations and security, ERP and supply chain management, human capital management, and project portfolio management
  • Available for communications, telecommunications, and digital service providers
  • Preconfigured and reusable solutions covering KPI improvements and business process integrated AI/ML capabilities
  • Infosys IP solutions to address emerging needs of the communications industry such as improving the efficiency of store operations and monitoring KPIs, user-centric dashboards and process optimization, and improving financial KPIs
  • Microservices, API-first, cloud-native architecture
  • Multiple options for deployment such as on-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud
  • Process intelligence through process mining
  • Caters to both B2B and B2C customers

In addition, Telecommunication Industry Solution by Infosys uses the Infosys Solution Extension platform that has key dashboards and productivity solutions as well as pre-built analytics including AI/ML based ones (such as predictive quality and business KPIs). The solution also has chatbots and RPA-based automation solutions in different functional areas.

Telecommunication Industry Solution by Infosys

Telecommunication Industry Solution by Infosys helps telecom operators to modernize their applications and improve KPIs in addition to process efficiency with predictable business insights by leveraging AI/ML


The solution offers prebuilt and reusable IP asset capabilities that the communications industry requires today to stay competitive in the industry. These capabilities include solutions for 5G, financials, human resources, and retail store operations.

Another value addition is the innovation delivered through Infosys tools such as Infosys Solution Extension Platform, RPA, and automation solutions, along with analytics to derive actionable insights.

Enhance core capabilities

  • Enable smart communications for internal and external stakeholders
  • Increase predictability in business operations using AI/ML
  • Optimize assets and their performance

Acquire new capabilities

  • Define, monitor, and improve KPIs leveraging AI/ML
  • Enhance processes and optimize for 5G
  • Introduce better process-level predictability using AI/ML

Accelerate through a modular solution

  • Provide modular solutions for specific business problems
  • Deliver prebuilt business intelligence and AI/ML capabilities
  • Enable reusable code, UI platforms, and APIs

Flexible model

  • Design a flexible reference architecture
  • Enable modular deployment of solutions and processes
  • Provide flexible pricing models – catalog pricing, outcome-based, bundled

Challenges & Solutions

  • Revenue prediction analysis
  • Customer credit risk prediction
  • Days sales outstanding (DSO) dashboard
  • Customer footfall analysis
  • Slice Manager by Infosys

  • Talent acquisition advisor
  • International roaming netting
  • Planning and forecasting for telecom store replenishment
  • 5G solutions by Infosys