Preenos Crowd Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Preenos Crowd Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Preenos Crowd Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a crowdsourced software testing platform provider that enables testing in the cloud, giving product owners the ability to scale their testing effort, and get on-demand access to quality assurance (QA) teams. This helps them to release a high-quality product in a shorter time. The platform enables testing of a product in real-world conditions to identify critical bugs before it impacts customers. It also supports a range of testing types such as functionality, security, and performance testing, and allows the product to be tested on various platforms such as mobile phones and tablets.

To learn more about Preenos Crowd Technologies, visit www.99tests.com.

Industry focus

The Infosys-Preenos partnership operates across various industry verticals including finance, insurance, high-tech, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, energy, communications, and services across the globe while being specifically focused on the Testing Service line.

Solutions focus:

Infosys and Preenos Crowd Technologies have partnered to provide a crowd testing platform to help enterprises utilize and employees on the bench to test their applications. We provide a broad range of testing (exploratory, functional, regression, cross browser, etc.) services on multiple devices by leveraging Preenos Crowd Technologies crowd testing platform for Infosys. This helps enterprises manage crowd testing and leads to improved efficiency, better test coverage, and shorter test cycles.

Partnership highlights

Infosys Crowd Testing Platform helps emulate the real world user behavior in a secure way by bringing in Infosys best practices. The ‘persona based testing’ service leverage the worldwide presence of Infosys family members and partners on our platform to perform the following use cases:

  • Functional testing: Functional scripted testing by expert testers in a lab condition with device-OS-browser-bandwidth fragmentation to find early technical issues
  • In-country / Locale testing for localization: Functional testing of use cases by expert testers in each of these locales by replicating use case, demographics and device-OS-browser-carrier fragmentation outside the test lab and to provide feedback and improve the digital user experience
  • Remote usability study – moderated and non-moderated: Creating participant screeners and recruiting target user profiles for in-country remote usability testing. The real world users will complete customized surveys for each application and Infosys user experience expert will create reports that provide findings and recommendations to improve the overall usability of each application
  • Accessibility testing: Recruit expert and real- world users in desired locations to provide accessibility analysis of applications
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