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A checklist for your SAP SRM 7.0 roadmap

The journey to SAP SRM 7.0, be it a greenfield implementation or an upgrade project, is an enterprise-level transformation initiative. The head of supply chain IT must identify its key performance indicators (KPIs) and the return on investment (ROI).

An Infosys expert blogs on the roadmap of SRM 7.0, from scope definition to sign-off. He defines the output at each stage of the exercise to navigate complex implementations. A strategic sourcing process combined with contract management enables compliance and streamlines the supply order process.

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Is your on-boarding business case ready for the road map exercise?

Our expert steps into the shoes of a CIO / Supply Chain IT manager to analyze the inherent challenges while transforming the procurement process.
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Sign-off the SAP SRM 7.0 roadmap exercise

Our expert walks you through a complex, result-oriented SRM journey.
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SRM journey kickoff

Perhaps, the most challenging part of an SRM exercise is defining the scope of a global template implementation. A detailed project plan that charts stage-wise risks helps you to meet stringent timelines.
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The implementation: What's the sandwich filling?

A plan-driven process for procurement enables amendments to purchase orders and ensures contract compliance.
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