SAP Simple Finance on HANA

Do you

  • Waste time and effort to reconcile information from different sources, as systems are not aligned?
  • Prefer agility from your IT team, to provide instant business inputs through - real-time financial processes?
  • Believe that you do not get insight and foresight in order to predict events, which are very important in a financial business scenario?
  • Think enterprise resource planning (ERP) data volumes, strain IT infrastructure and influence performance?
  • Struggle to complete the financial closing within the stipulated time, and wish that you could have accelerated the process?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then SAP Simple Finance is the answer. SAP Simple Finance (also referred to as the SAP S/4 HANA Finance) is the latest of SAP’s finance offerings, running on an SAP HANA platform. Simple Finance running on HANA (SAP In-Memory database) is a radical change of SAP’s FICO architecture, and addresses finance, and accounting challenges. It integrates fully with an organization’s existing finance application, enabling fundamental re-engineering and simplification of financial processes.

Infosys has developed a pre-configured solution, a demonstrable application on cloud, and numerous solution artifacts covering different business and system architecture scenarios to help clients accelerate implementation.

Infosys Differentiators

  • Pre-configured and fully tested solution based on SAP best practices. Our Industry-specific solution offerings help in substantial reduction of overall implementation timelines.
  • Instant Fiori with HANA views adapted to the client organization structure and master data, for rapid implementation of over 100 analytical and transactional apps.
  • Infosys account-based COPA Designer tool for rapid migration to account-based COPA
  • Flexible deployment options with private cloud and on premise offerings.
  • Flexible planning and reporting enabled with slice- and dice-based Excel workbooks, with embedded Business Intelligence (BI) in employee care center (ECC).
  • Five-step approach of Infosys to assess the client’s finance landscape, and provide recommendations -
    • Introduction meeting
    • Value discovery workshop
    • Business case calculation
    • Implementation road map
    • Set project up
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