Success Stories

Global Major in Agri and Seeds Business

Streamlined business processes for the client by doing SAP upgrade

The Client

The client is a global multi-billion major in agri and seeds business

Business Need

The withdrawal of support for certain releases of SAP and the need to take advantage of new features were reasons for the client to upgrade the current version of SAP release to 4.7. This would enable the client to simplify its business processes across geographies and product lines but also help reduce upgrade cycles in the future.


The major challenge faced by the client was to remain updated with the rapid technological changes. The client also wanted to streamline the business processes and standardize on a single version of SAP. Developing reusable IT components and replicable solution with a focus on on-time delivery was therefore imperative.

Our Solution

Infosys performed an assessment exercise followed by a predictable estimation and execution of the project. Infosys undertook the upgrade using its proven upgrade methodology of the release-based approach wherein objects were grouped in four bundles and delivered one by one progressively. This enabled the functional teams to work simultaneously and reduce the lead time of the project .


  • Quick realization of development environment
  • Leveraging the Global Delivery Model Infosys reduced the total cost of ownership for the SAP upgrade
  • Infosys started a knowledge management initiative, within the first three months of the engagement with the client
  • Infosys established a library of common components that can be re-used by different projects in the client organization
  • Infosys also set up a relationship portal to serve as a one-stop shop for all information

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