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Building new age analytical solutions

Enterprises have been leveraging analytics to derive insights and make business decisions. In the digital and interconnected world, the data and analytics needed for decision support is different from what was used earlier. This paper talks about how enterprises can build future analytics solutions.


Create a compelling business case for finance transformation with innovations in S/4HANA Enterprise Management (EM) 1610

SAP S/4HANA Finance solution has revolutionized the way finance functions are performed in an organization while addressing today’s business...


Accelerate your finance transformation by choosing the right S/4HANA Finance product and deployment option

SAP S/4HANA Finance solution has revolutionized the way finance functions are performed in an organization while addressing today’s...


Drive business growth with agile processes through DevOps for SAP

With the launch of SAP S/4HANA across the globe, there is a higher risk for release defects and increased cost when migrating from legacy processes. To meet the need for robust and agile process innovation without business disruption, Infosys has designed a DevOps...


Pick the right SAP UI/UX offering for your business

Today, a delightful user experience is critical for business success. Every new application is judged by its ability to offer an intuitive user interface (UI) and a pleasant user experience (UX). Additionally, customers evaluate...


Transform your Enterprise with SAP’s Digital Core

With traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software being replaced by what SAP refers to as the ‘digital core,’ the approach is aimed at enabling enterprise-wide digital transformation. This paper offers...


Clearing the clouds of SuccessFactors

HR systems have undergone a sea change, with the light shining down from the clouds. From being repositories of information, they are becoming increasingly engaging and pervading the erstwhile strongholds...


Enterprise mobility with Sybase Unwired Platform

Many organizations face the need to make an important decision of choosing the right development approach after selecting a mobile platform like Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP). While there is no best solution that works all the time, this paper analyzes the pros and cons of each of the approaches with regard to enterprise requirements, and different business cases.


Mobilizing SAP enterprise applications

Smart organizations are focusing on increasing workforce flexibility and productivity by enabling information access for critical decision-making anytime, anywhere. While mobile solutions are imperative across domains and verticals, several parameters need to be considered while choosing a platform or middleware to implement the mobile...


Realizing the business value of EAI

Well-planned, well-executed EAI initiatives have the potential to deliver considerable business benefits to an organization. Why, then, do most EAI implementations meet with limited success?...


Global shared support service: A viable model?

As most large organizations have moved over to customized packaged products such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel, i2, etc., the experience gained in supporting them can be leveraged by the shared service...


Program management office: The core engine to drive a successful global program

Mergers and acquisitions, adoption of a global value chain, and expansion to new markets are competitive business growth strategies deployed by most businesses for going...

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